Latest news from the Elephant House.

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Latest news form the Elephant House.

G. Corp meet Big Heartz FT Naivasha The Grow EP

grow front cover200

The EP is the first release of 2014 from the camp its collaboration between
G. Corp and Big Heartz topped off with a killer hook from Birmingham’s soulful
sweet heart Naivasha. Big Heartz hails from Bristol and is at the moment,
punching through with his own EP “Thoughts thru the Smoke”. He has taken
time out to step into the reggae arena and spit in his own always original way
over a heavyweight G.Corp roots cut. The Ep also contains a more precise
radio edit and the Usual G.Corp killer dub.



BANG15 – Plate14

A) Herbal Rider
B) Papa was a Warrior

It’s been quite a while since the last Bangers’R’mashed release; the reason for this is quality control. The Nuff wish crew have never been in the habit of putting out substandard material. Nothing has changed there; the crew come back with two killer cuts.
Cut A. see’s the all time great collie buds “Come around” set to the classic War’s “Low rider ” rhythm. “Of course it works!”.

Cut B. is the Temptations soul classic “Papa was a rolling stone” worked neatly onto a dub cut of Warrior charge. The crew are back with a vengeance.

Overproof Soundsystem – ‘Pull It Up’
The second album is finally released on the Collision label out of Germany.

Already receiving rave reviews.

C.D. now available to buy at the G. Corp Online Store

Latest Release From G. Corp

The Lost album


Originally entitled “New Roots” and scheduled for release on the Talking Loud label
as a follow up to G.Corps seminal “Co-Operation ” album. The album hit rocky waters,
as did the deal with talking loud, one of the Artistes involved went off to pursue a solo
career so with no way of promoting the project the album was committed to the vaults
never to be released. With the launch of G.Corps, from the vaults series. 16 years later
it was teased out for a listen. Recorded at a point when the then collective residing
under the G.Corp banner was at its creative peak, the album sounded shockingly
fresh. Every one who got to hear it insisted it should be set free to be heard by anyone
who might be interested, hence the change of title to “The Lost album” and this current
release. As an album it sounds sensual, soulful and always heavy. Never held down to
one genre the album swings from Hip Hop to Drum and bass with a few stops along
the way.

Now available to download from the

G. Corp Online Store

In Dub We Trust.


G. Corp