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Overproof Soundsystem have joined forces with Ital Audio are now performing as a fully live band.
The band is something we’re really proud of, tight and very, very heavy.
Overproof Soundsystem meets Ital Audio will be playing at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University
alongside fellow Brummies, ‘Friendly Fire‘ and the South London Nu-AfroBeat, Roots band Soothsayers
at their ‘Reggae Night’ on November 2,

Overproof Soundsystem has now turned from ‘Soundsystem’ to full live band after meeting up with
Richie Dread (Bass), Paul Knight (Drums) Matt Kedracki (Keys) collectively known as ‘Ital Audio’

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“Some things are just meant to happen” After 10 years on the road in a sound system format doing main stages at
festivals all around the globe as well as their own club tours, Overproof felt a need for change, a need for fresh
inspiration and a way of pushing the project further forward.
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Overproof Soundsystem – Pull It Up
The second album from the ‘Overproof Soundsystem’  is finally released on the
Collision label
out of Germany.
Already receiving rave reviews…

C.D. now available to buy from the  G. Corp On-line Store
or download it from Juno Download Store

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Commander & Chief – Overproof Soundsystem meets Ital Audio Hare & Hounds, Kings heath Birmingham UK