In this section we are recommending restaurants we have had experience of and enjoyed. In fact consider them special. If you come across any great restaurants on your travels or in your hometown, please send us the details and a small review so we can post them on the site and build up a genuine database of good places to eat around the world. Whatever the style or the price. Send your recommendations via the comment box below with a brief description of the food and location and why you think it’s great. An address or contact would be useful.

Let’s try and build a database we can all use…



Super Sammy’s take away

Moseley RD Camp hill

Classic Jamaican take away. Fantastic curry mutton. Really special rice and peas and some very fine fried fish. Prices are really good


Mo Jams Jamaican take away

Alcester Road, Moseley Village, Birmingham, West Midlands.

You don’tget the normal long wait in this place it is all very well organised every thing tastes good especially their Jerk chicken and prices are very good.

Dutch Pot Jamaican take away

448 Birchfield Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B20 3JG

Great food always busy but a little more expensive.



JYOTI vegetarian restaurant

1045 Stratford Road Hall Green Birmingham West Midlands B28 8AS

We cannot recommend this place enough for thirty years it has consistently been serving some of the best vegetarian food we have ever tasted. It always gets a visit from all the top chefs when they come to Birmingham. Jamie Oliver has described it as some of the most intelligent food he has ever eaten. Don’t be put of if you are not a vegetarian you won’t notice. Food is always super fresh and super tasty.


Hawelli restaurant

509 Hagley Rd Smethwick, Birmingham B66 4AX

If you like Tandoori or Tikka food this is the place to go. They also do a really nice twist on the British standard “Chicken Tikka Marsala” Called “Chicken Tikka Massala dry fry” There are a couple of unusual dishes that are wonderful like kari Salmon. Prices are very reasonable.


Shareen Kadar

543 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath

This was one of the first balti restaurants to open in Birmingham (1962) and after thirty something years it still maintains its low cost café style ethic. Food is always good and prices are fantastic. Try their spinach and mushroom balti or a fish curry and a couple of Roti for a £5.


The Grill thrill

Ladypool rd Balsall Heath Birmingham

There are a few of these new style Grill rooms around doing mixed grills Indian style and spit roast chicken Charga.this is one for the true carnivores. Great food, great prices.


The Piquant 18 St Marys row Moseley Birmingham

A very modern restaurant that’s a little more up market. Food is special, service is great and considering the quality and presentation prices are still reasonable.


Chinese\Tai etc.


The Rainbow restaurant

59 High St
Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7BH

This is a real first class eatery the food is consistently fantastic. For an average price. Highly recommended.


The Lychee Garden.

189 Hagley Rd
Birmingham, B16 9RD

Really great food, but the twist here is the “eat as much as you like” menu. This is not a buffet. No mushy rubbish that has sat around for hour’s .You can basically order as many things from the menu as many times as you want. The only rule is that you don’t waist it. And all for £12.


Suko Thai Restaurant.

334 Stratford Road, Shirley Solihull , Birmingham,

This Place gets four and five star reviews and so it should, Atmosphere is wonderful, staff are serine and the food is sublime.


Café Soya

4 Upper Dean Street
Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 4SG

Chinese and Vietnamese food at great prices. This place is situated next to the central markets and you can tell. Lots of very very fresh goodies.massive vegetarian/vegan menu. Great hot noodle soups.s





20 Highfield Road
B15 3DU

This is a true Michelin stared restaurant the food is a total experience the service is second to none as is the ambiance. It comes to something when you ask a waiter what the cheese is and you get a total history dating back to the 1800’s amazing, but not for the faint of wallet expect to pay at least £80 a head. For that special occasion it always feels worth every penny.